X4 Labs Review – Before and After Results

x4 labs reviewHey there, and welcome to my website and my x4 labs review.

During the course of your time on this page I am going to be going over some facts, figures, testimonials and real results that I and many other x4 users have had so that you can decide if this really is the product for you or not.

Initially when I was out there wondering if the x4 labs works or not; I was hoping for x4 extender reviews that would actually help me make a decision. However, instead I typically came across a lot of crappy videos, scams, or uninformative sites that really did not help me whatsoever.

Thus, I decided to create this site to give new potential users an in depth and real look at what the x4 labs really has to offer. I’m a bit of a research junkie when it comes to making a purchase. So I hope my advice (that eventually lead to me purchasing an x4) and my experience with it so far will help you. Cool? Okay, lets begin.

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What Is X4 Labs?

x4 extenderThe X4 Labs is one of the best and most trusted penis enlargement and male enhancement devices out there on the market today. The company has been doing their thing for over 10 years now and has dedicated a lot of time to research, development, and tweaking of their product into what you see before you today.

Like I said, the x4 is very popular. Currently over 1 millions users worldwide are using it and it holds the title (at least technically) as the #1 Penis Extender In The World. Something else worth knowing is that it also comes with 100% refund guarantee (if for some reason you dont like it), as well as a year long warranty (which is always good no matter what you’re buying in life).

The X4 labs is an extender and therefore its primary purpose is to increase the length of your penis. However, I’ve found that penis growth occurs somewhat like a balloon — meaning that as you grow longer by using your x4 you will also grow thicker as well. So in this sense the x4 extender is going to increase your penis length, but don’t be surprised if you also get some nice girth gains going as well.

Something else worth mentioning is that while using the x4 extender I personally noticed an general increase in erection strength and orgasm intensity. This is not something I was initially expecting, but something enjoyed none the less.

How Does It Work?

x4 labs resultsThe X4 labs extender increase the length and girth of your penis by exerting progressive and prolonged tension through its tension screws, tension springs, and the extending rods that contain them.

The device — with all its parts — at times can look fairly complex, but it is actually very simplistic and effective. To put on the device you simply put your penis throught the large hole in the base of the device. From here your head rests against the top part where you strap it in either one of two ways.

One way is using the silicone harness which forms a noose around the part of the penis just below the head. The other is the silicone comfort strap (as shown in pic above) that hugs the same part of your penis like an armband or belt would. I definitely prefer the silicone comfort strap that “hugs my penis” over the silicone noose that reminds me of someone hanging themselves.

Once your strapped in, its the rods, springs inside, and tension screws that are going to gradually increase the length of your dick. To explain it as simple as possible, you can add or remove rods that come in incremental lengths like 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, or 3 inch. Once you get the rods at the correct length for your dick the springs inside will exert a constant outward force pulling the top of the penis forward/outward. Furthermore, you can use the tension screws to additionally increase or decrease the tension, and their are also 3 slits in the rods that show which level of tension (in grams) that you are at.

All in all, the constant pulling and tension is what will increase the length of your penis significantly over time.

Does It Work?

When all is said and done what’s most important is if this thing really works.

In short, the answer to this is yes.

how x4 works is by strechingIn a bit little longer — it works because the device places prolonged outward tension on your penis. When something is subjected to constant pulling and stretching forces, over time it will in turn have to get longer itself.

After it has been sufficiently stretched the mechanics your penis growth in a sense are somewhat like muscle building.  Basically, micro-damage occurs from the prolonged tension and the body will send blood cells and other healing agents to the penis to repair it and lay down new collagen, etc. This constant stretching, tearing, and repairing is what will lead to long term growth.

Does It Work Better Than Its Competition?

After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that arguably the two best extenders — and probably the most popular — are the X4 labs and the Size Genetics.  In terms of raw length gains these extenders also seem to be the best as well.

These were the two extenders that I was trying to choose between before I made my initial purchase,  however, I ended up going with the X4 in the end. Why? Well, for one, and as previously mentioned, the X4 on paper is “the best penis extender in the world”. And while that alone was not enough to tip the scales for me — it should at least hold some amount of weight in your decision making process.

Besides that it was clear that the X4 really does work and its company and customer service really stand behind their product. For example, the second cheapest model (deluxe) and up offers a 6 month growth guarantee. Also, the X4 extender is constantly undergoing user-based clinical studies, has physicians backing it, and there is even a form on their site for doctors who can order these devices to prescribe to their patients as an alternative method to penis enlargement surgery. With all of these things I think its safe to say that the X4 brand itself vastly outdoes its competition at least in terms of credibility and confidence in their product.

The other reason I chose the X4 over the sizegenetics is because overall it seems that they are both equally matched in terms of length results, however, the X4 seems to be designed slightly better and therfore seems to be more comfortable and better overall.

Heres an example of what I was seeing from other people regarding the comparing of comfort between the two devices:

x4 labs testimonial

Additionally, after a ton of research I found more people overall who got better results from the X4 compared to the Sizegenetics.

With an arguably more confident and credible company, providing the best length gains around, being more comfortable than the competition, and overall more people seemed to get better results — I chose the X4.

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Clinical Study From A Real User

Remember when I said X4 has various real user studies, well, here is one of them. This is a real users progress log of his x4 labs results that he made over the course of 2 months:

DayAverage Time Per Day WornFlaccid LengthErect LengthFlaccid GirthErect Girth
Start4 1/2"5 1/8"4 3/8"4 3/8"
Day 1-66 Hours
Day 7Off Day4 7/8"5 1/2"4 1/4"4 3/8"
Day 7-136 Hours
Day 14-18Off Days4 3/4"6"4 3/8"4 3/4"
Day 19-257 Hours
Day 25-306 Hours4 7/8"6 1/4"4 3/8"4 1/2"
Day 30-605 Hours5 4/8"6 5/8"4 3/8"4 1/2"

User Results

  • Overall user gained 1″ in flaccid length over a 2 month period
  • Overall user gained 1 1/2″ erect length over a 2 month period
  • Overall users flaccid girth remained unchanged over a 2 month period
  • Overall user gained 1/8″ erect girth over a 2 month period

All in all you can see that these results were pretty fantastic. While flaccid girth saw no improvements, erect girth gained 1/8 inches (nothing to write home about). However, flaccid length was up 1 full inch and erect length was up 1.5 inches in 60 days!

These are huge numbers for length gains in such a short period of time especially when he had an average wear time of 6 hours per day.

User Testimonials from Other Owners

“500 hours ago I started my X4 journey at 5.75″ in erect length and I am now at 7″ at the time of writing this. Is that enough of a testimonial for you?” – Big John

“I personally got the deluxe edition and have found its all I’ve ever needed. In over a year I have made gains of over an inch in erect and flaccid length and am still growing.” – Sean

“I chose the X4 over the Size Genetics because it was more affordable and the head-piece looked a lot more comfortable. I have not looked back. I wear the device about 4-8hrs per day on average and have made about 0.4″ inches in length in about 400 hours or so of wearing it. Neither I nor my wife are complaining :)” – Jay

“I abide by the less is more approach to get maximum gains. I wear the device about 1-8 hrs per day and take breaks in between. I also don’t go crazy on the tension. This has enabled my penis to grow like a weed and has kept me injury and pain free.” – Jack (Owner of this Site)

My X4 Labs Results – Before and After

My ResultsErect LengthFlaccid LengthErect Girth
250 Hours of Wear5.7"4.6"4.5"
500 Hours of Wear6"5.1"4.6"

In total I gained 0.6 inches of erect length, 0.9 inches in flaccid length, and 0.1 inches in girth in about 500 hours of total wear.

I am expecting to hit over 1 inches in length when I break 1000 hours of total wear. From that point forward I’ll try and see if I can break 7″ and maybe one day hit 8″ (though that might be a bit too big for my personal liking).

All in all I feel my x4 labs gains are fantastic as this has pretty much exceeded my expectations while pretty much meeting my ideal desires of what I’d want out of an extender.

Where To Buy and If I Should

Times are tough. I’m aware these devices are expensive — especially for something so small and seemingly simplistic — however, you need to make your buying decision based on what is more important to you. Would you be happier with a couple hundred dollars? Or would you be happier with a bigger dick?

If you’ve made it this far in my x4 labs review then I’m assuming you chose the latter. In any case, I want to point out that I strongly urge you to not go looking for a cheap x4 labs extender, discount version, or some other imitation device out there. There are so many scams and knockoff extenders floating about I would not trust the safety of my dick, nor would I expect good results from anything short of the real brand — the OG’s if you will.

Remember these devices are tools of precision and majority of the cheap extenders out there will either:

  • Break
  • Not provide enough or the proper amount of tension for sufficient growth
  • Have small issues like a single area that digs into your skin or something else that ruins the comfortability of the whole device from poor design
  • Be generally uncomfortable overall

All of which will lead to a poor dick growing experience. Therefore, I only recommend the real deal — which I have provided links to the real brand website throghout this site.

Which Edition Should I Buy?

This is where it gets a bit confusing because X4 labs has 4 different editions: the starter edition, deluxe edition, premium edition, and gold edition. All of which increase in price and additional features as you go up the line.

After a lot of research and personal experience I recommend you get either the starter edition or deluxe edition. These are the cheapest and second cheapest models, and if I had to give you just one answer I would say get the deluxe edition. Yes, even if I had $500 cash in hand to burn, I’d still advise you get the deluxe edition over the more expensive premium and gold editions.

Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition

Why? Well, the deluxe features everything you’d ever need. There is no reason why you should ever need to exceed the 2100g of tension that the deluxe has. It also comes with the growth guarantee, 5 year warranty, money back guarantee, dvds, instruction, carrying case, additional rods, and about everything else in double or triple over the starter edition.

The only reason I recommend the starter edition is if you didnt have enough cash for the deluxe because it still does the job. Don’t bother with premium or gold edition unless you plan on hanging this thing above your fireplace as a show piece.

So, in short, just get the deluxe if you can.

Bonus: Want To Get This Thing For Free!?

x4 labs before and afterYes, you heard right, for a limited time only you can also get yourself an X4 Extender for FREE (100% free no bullcrap).

The only requirement is that you sign up for the free clinical trial and record your x4 results. They provide you with some tracking sheets and they ask for a dick before and after pictures and that’s it (no face shot, no worries). Afterward you can get a full moneyback refund and have now gotten the device for free. Pretty sweet in my opinion.

How To Get It For Free

  • Click this link to opt-in for the free user clinical trial
  • Select which extender model you want (they are all eligable for the free extender)
  • On the extenders product page check the box titled “clinical trial”
  • Buy your extender, record your results, and get it free at the end of your personal case study

If this is up your alley I’d advise that you get on this as soon as possible as it will probably not last long once they get enough people on board for the study.


buy x4 labsIn summary, this conclusdes my x4 labs review. And all in all, after my own fantastic results so far and that of many others I would definitely recommend the X4 extender to anyone who wants solid length gains.

With the companies reputation and all the additional bonuses you get with your order I can see why they hold the title as the “1# Penis Extender in the World”.

If I could choose again, I would still choose the X4 over any other extender on the market. Period.

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